Veggies from the backyard is the best way forward!
Around 16% of fruits and vegetables are wasted every year in India, owing to a weak cold chain infrastructure. Not to mention a further significant loss in the shelf life of your veggies.
Hygiene is important, not just for us but for our veggies too!
From poor irrigation practices to unhygienic storage, lack of proper sanitation precautions at every step of handling can effect the quality of vegetables we eat.
Say ‘no’ to travel weary veggies!
Long hours on the road make even the best of us weary and cranky, and make us lose our shine. Our vegetables suffer from the same, when they are subjected to long transits and related unnatural conditions.
Know why your vegetables should rise early, even if you don’t!
Extensive research studies have proven beyond doubt, that the best time to harvest vegetables, especially leafy vegetables is early in the morning.