Hygiene is important, not just for us but for our veggies too! - True Leaf Farms

Hygiene is important, not just for us but for our veggies too!

From poor irrigation practices to unhygienic storage, lack of proper sanitation precautions at every step of handling can effect the quality of vegetables we eat. This takes them far from being the high quality and healthy vegetables we deserve.

The use of contaminated ground water, or at times even sewage water, can expose the vegetables to harmful heavy metals and pathogens which infest these sources of water. Add to it the lack of personnel and packaging hygiene protocols which should be followed by the farmers also pose the risk of contaminating the produce. Long transit and multiple transfers of the crop, from the grower, to sellers, to the market, and finally to the consumer exponentially increase the chances of contamination. The harsh journey from farm to your kitchen reduces the veggies to a damaged and weary ingredient which is devoid of its original nutrition.

At True Leaf Farms, we are committed to delivering the freshest, unadulterated and most delicious veggies, in the quickest and safest manner to your table! We use RO and treated ground water which is regulary tested for presence of any contaminants. We use strict hygiene practices for anyone coming in contact with the produce even when it is being grown. Hand sanitization and foot baths were a norm even before the COVID-19 precautions were adopted. Further, our team members always wear masks and gloves during harvesting. All veggies are then carefully packed first in re-usable zip lock packs and then in a second layer of delivery bags. These veggies reach you in their perfect and pristine state, through a speedy home delivery in our strictly sanitised and safe delivery vehicles, and are delivered by the drivers themselves to avoid multiple handling. The first person to lay hands upon the veggies harvested for you, is you. As if your veggies were being grown in your own kitchen garden!

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