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Veggies from the backyard is the best way forward!

The farm-to-table distance is a major factor that affects the quality, taste and cost of your veggies. Long transits invite unnatural practices like temperature control and chemical treatments, in order to travel-proof the veggies. This causes the produce to lose their original personality! Did you know - around 16% of fruits and vegetables are wasted every year in India, owing to a weak cold chain infrastructure. Not to mention a further significant loss in the shelf life of your

Back in 2019, True Leaf Farms came into being with a very clear vision to be your next-door farm for the most fresh and healthy veggies! And we started from our own neighbourhood, Gurugram, to implement what we do best - maintain obsessively high quality standards, reduce food miles and wastage. This brings us to our motto - Fresh. healthy. Green.

How do we stay true to our promise to you and the planet? Our veggies are harvested early in the morning and delivered the same day, to ensure that they are at their freshest, when they reach you. We harvest only on order, thereby ensuring zero wastage. Furthermore, deliveries strictly within Gurugram allows us to refrain from using any artificial preservation techniques, thereby increasing shelf life of the produce and retaining quality. This also helps us optimise the costs for you and bring you exotic greens at fair prices. So this is our humble step towards giving back to the community.

You can do your bit too! By pledging to always eat the freshest veggies that can be made available to you. Maybe scout for the nearest trusted farm, instead of supermarkets? And if you’re in Gurugram, definitely think True Leaf Farms - a farm thats only a little further away from your own backyard.

Hyper-locally yours!

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