About Us

True Leaf Farms is a fresh produce company promoting clean, healthy and sustainability grown vegetables, fruits, and a lot more. We grow seasonal and off-season fruits and vegetables at our farm in Gurugram. We use urban farming techniques such as hydroponics, protected agriculture, drip irrigation etc to get high quality produce all year round.

Our main focus is on growing vegetables in a hygienic environment which is conducive to all the needs of the plants. Be it the air temperature, humidity, or even light, we monitor and control a range of environmental factors which ultimatley help in growing a healthy plant. This also helps in minimising the use of any form of pesticides as a healthy plant is a strong plant! Our produce is extremely safe and chemical pesticide residue free.

We grow a variety of vegetables which include staples like tomatoes, gourd, spinach and exotics like lettuce, kale, Asian greens, etc. We do this to ensure that you never get bored of the produce!

Our proximity to the city allows us to harvest all our vegetables fresh in the morning, every day, and delivery them to our customers with in a few hours. Even at our store the plants are harvested just before despatch. This ensure that only the most fresh produce reaches your kitchen!

Our practices not only ensure heathy, nutritous and fresh produce being delivered to your home but also drastically minimises our requirement of farm inputs, water and farm wastage generation. Any organic waste, such as roots, damaged leaves etc, left after harvesting are dumped in the composting pits. The cows at the farm contribute with fresh dung which combined with the farm waste makes for excellent manure for our field!

Technology not only places a big part in the way our vegetables are grown but also in the way they are sold. The True Leaf Store in Delhi NCR's first and only live vegetables store where you can come and harvest your favourite salad greens which are growing in a live hydroponic unit at the store itself. It doesn't get fresher than this!

Along with the produce grown at our farm we also offer products from brands which share our belief in fresh, preservative free healthy eating. Be it freshly baked breads, delicious herbed butter or accompaniments for your salads such as raisins, dressings, or honey; we now offer a range of products which will make any meal complete!

Our happy and satisfied customers include restaurants, speciality grocery stores, expats and other fellow residents of Gurugram and Delhi!