COVID-19 Precautions

We are taking the following precautions to prevent any contamination of your order
  • all vegetables are washed with plain water before packing
  • The farm staff responsible for picking, and packaging wear masks and gloves
  • Body Temperature of all team members is taken once daily
  • all items are double packed first in plastic packets and then all packets in a fabric bag
  • the delivery vehicle is disinfected with hydrogen peroxide solution every night
  • our delivery person wears mask, and gloves
  • all staff are advised to use hand sanitisers before handling the produce
  • no cash handling is allowed for the delivery team

A few precautions which we request you to take

  • The person receiving the order should maintain a distance of 1-2m (3-6ft) when interacting with the delivery person
  • Opt for contact less if possible. The order can be left outside the door or with the security personnel
  • kindly wash your hands after handling the order
  • the vegetables should be washed thoroughly
  • the fabric bag should be washed if being reused else disposed off

In these times we need to understand the value of precautions when there is no cure. Stay safe.