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Jalapeno Poppers Combo

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Make delicious jalapeno poppers with our Combo kit. Get freshly plucked Jalapeno peppers (100gm) and Brie Cheese (125gm) together. 

Jalapeño poppers Recipe
4-5 jalapeños
Brie cheese 1
Basil leaves 2-3 (finely chopped)
Salt to taste

  • Remove the rind of Brie & cut it into square pieces. Let it stay outside for half an hour to soften the cheese.
  • Take a hand blender and whip the cheese.
  • Add salt and finely chopped basil leaves to the whipped cheese and whip for another minute.
  • Now cut the top skin of the pepper from middle, vertically, so as the pepper is still a single piece.
  • Stuff the cut pepper with whipped Brie.
  • Grill the pepper in air fryer for 15 min @200 degrees till it is charred from all sides. Serve hot