Sparkling Haldi Drink

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Quantity: 200ml

Naturally brewed ginger and lemon goodness with the healing power of Haldi. 

Refreshingly bright with a cooling zing, revive, refresh and boost up your immunity with the healing properties of turmeric, ginger and lemon. Packed with vitamins and nutrients it is a treat for the senses and it's all good!

Precision brewed over 3 days in small batches. Made with a little magic using simple and pure ingredients - Ginger, Turmeric, Lemon and Cane Sugar, it has no preservatives, no concentrates, no additives, no high fructose corn syrup and no chemicals.

With only 4gms of sugar (per 100 ml)  this is the healthiest carbonated beverage of its kind. 

Third Culture is a brand aiming to bring people together through delicious, nutritious beverages, by celebrating diversity and inclusion. They believe that diversity in flavor, in opinion, and in expression make our world a better place. ​

Where is the farm located?
Our pilot farm is located in village Kadarpur near Golf Course Extension Road in Gurugram

Is Hydroponically grown vegetables organic?
vegetables grown hydroponically get their nutrition from a blend of fertilisers. These are dissolved in the water in specific quantities so as to give the plant a balanced diet without danger of toxicity. This ensures a healthy and strong plant. But since the plants get their nutrition from synthetic fertilisers the produce cannot be certified organic.

Have any pesticides been used while growing the vegetables?
Most vegetables at True Leaf Farms are grown in our polyhouse which minimises the chances of pest attacks. In case of any pest issues our first line of defence is always orgically safe pesticides. In case of severe infestations synthetic pesticides are used after following precautions and harvested only after the recommended residue free period.

How long can the vegetables be stored?
The shelf life of freshly vegetables depends on the duration they are stored after harvest and the storage conditions amongst other factors. We deliver the vegetables with in a few hours of harvest in bags which are specially designed to delay the maturing of the plants. If stored properly in cool, refrigerated conditions most plants can be used up to 4-5 days after harvesting. Still, we recommend they be consumed as soon as possible to enjoy their natural taste and texture

Don't the vegetables at the store have a shelf life?
The plants at the store are grown in our hydroponics unit at our farm and our then transported to our unit at the store. Here they keep growing in the presence of articifial lighting. Since they are harvested only on order, they can keep growing at the store itself for many days without losing their freshness.

Can you deliver to Delhi or Noida?
We are currently delivering to Gurgaon and Delhi. However everyone is welcome to visit our store where we sell a selection of our entire range. Alternatively, orders can be placed online from the full selection with the delivery option of 'Self Pick up'. The order would then be delivered at the store from the farm the following day for the customers to collect.

How to get same day delivery?
All orders placed before 2pm on a day are delivered the same day between 6pm and 9pm

Is there a minimum order?
There is a minimum order required of Rs 300 for delivery to Gurgaon and of Rs 500 for delivery to Delhi.

Are CoVid precautions followed at the farm
We keep a strict control on the hygiene standards at our farm. All team members are required to wear masks and gloves when working with the plants. Foot baths are a must for anyone entering the polyhouse. Our delivery vehicle too is sanitised envery day.

We currently have 2 delivery slots.

  • for orders placed between 2pm-8pm on a day : next day 12noon-2pm
  • for orders placed between 8pm to 2pm: 6pm to 8pm

We do not store any harvested vegetables. Vegetables are harvested only on order dispatched immediately for delivery. So it is not possible for us to accept any returns.