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Cardamom & Ginger Honey from Aamra by NSK

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Aamra is a brand retailing pickles, sauces, salad dressings, honeys and seasonings. Their products are made at Nari Shiksha Kendra (NSK) started in 1964 to provide the women of the local community with livelihoods. Today  the delicious range of products are still handmade, without the use of chemical preservatives and with lots of care and love by the women of the Nari Shiksha Kendra.

Net Weight 225g

This healthy honey is your answer to that perfect cup of tea! The Cardamom & Ginger Honey is robust, earthy, aromatic and warm.

  • Pure Himalayan Honey 
  • Handmade in small batches 
  • Infused over several weeks without heating the honey.
Ingredients: Himalayan multi flora honey, fresh ginger, green cardamom.

Serving Suggestions:
Brighten your morning smoothie with a splash
Add to your favourite tea, hot water or cup of chai
Great as a side to fresh figs, pears, apple or mango

Shelf life- 24 Months from date of packaging. We take care that products sent out are from the freshest batch.

Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool dry place.